Do you know what's the perfect email client for small businesses?

Baptiste Arnaud
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I'm currently using Spark to send emails to my users. It's working great but there are missing features: - Email tracking - Auto reminder (there is a reminder feature but I have to set it up on each email) Do you know a tool that's as great as Spark and offers these features?


MOHAMMED KHAN has very good email marketing.
Hey, Could you list what exactly you are wanting to do with it, I could offer some solid suggestions? Is it simply to be used as an email client? Are you wanting to send newsletter-style emails? Are you looking for a tool to send smart sequences? I think it depends on your goal? Let me know and I'll be more than happy to suggest a few tools!
Meghna Bagri
Hey! You can try our product ADOHM for email marketing. You can track your emails and automate the email communications as well.