Best live chat to improve customer experience?

Quynh Anh Ha
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Hi all, I'm currently helping a young startup to improve their sales and ecommerce. The product itself is quite pricey so potential buyers are usually try to get personal contact. Would like to improve that experienced that having zendesk support and tidio for live chat is slowing down operations. Would love to hear your experience on best integrated tools :)


Fritz Brumder
Interesting. @quynha I have a lot of experience in this space and we are launching a new tool called - embeddable video chat for your app or website. You can give it a try here: or apply for alpha on our site to get full product access.
Quynh Anh Ha
@fritzly I just booked a demo call :) Happy to also share with more folks if you need further feedback
Fritz Brumder
@quynha Thanks. Looking forward to our chat. I will also send you access to the product so you can play around with it. Also appreciate you sharing Zipcan with others that are interested in adding video chat to their website or software.
Tarek Dajani
It depends on how much you can spend, I would say if you are not planning to pay any cash, I would go with Tawk chat and maybe Mopinion for feedback.
Quynh Anh Ha
@tdajani Until now the team was under the free trial program of Zendesk but this is going to end. As the product is at the premium spectrum buyers usually have a lot of questions and engagement upfront as well as during the entire fulfillment. So looking into both customer support + live chat
Minh Dang
@tdajani @quynha Hi Quynh, my organization has been using Zendesk for about 7 years and showed no sign of ending. Also, we are helping companies with customer support, live chat, customer ticket and chat support in different languages ( 27 different languages). If you are interested, we could have a chat and see how it will going.
sareh kaviani
hi...i want to know about that...why they are better than skype or something like ran my new bussiness and its so useful to me...thanks
Jason Grills
@quynha How did you come across other options? Did you search them on the basis of pricing or simply feature requirements? When I searched for a live chat option, I searched for one that doesn’t require too much investment. That’s how I came across ProProfs Chat. It’s not pricey at all and has some really great features. You can sign up for free, I did too -
Nikita Dutta
I would definitely recommend you to use the services of Chat Metrics ( for managed live chat as they offer a team of agents who will always be available to answer the queries and issues of your website visitors. It is an excellent medium through which you can effectively interact with your potential customers and influence their actions to a certain extent by engaging with them.
Henry Robinson
You can definitely use any of the mentioned tools, but I believe the best experience can only be provided by managed live chat services from Chat Metrics ( They offer 24/7 assistance by a team of sales and marketing agents who will proactively engage with your website visitors and convert them to leads easily.
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