Best hosting suggestions

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I have a couple different domain names. I have a couple self hosted ones on go daddy and google (for gsuite) and have one on AWS which has a ton of flexibility but feels overwhelming sometimes. What set ups do others have for their business? I don't need much more than an basic landing page with product and company info initially. Thoughts?


Marius Price is $5 a month and is real VPS, i use them since 2016 You can install WordPress with one click...there's no cPanel available with all the bs, for email you can use
@marius_price Thanks! I'll check it out. Do you know if there is a bandwidth limit within that?
Kristin Ides
For multiple sites I do like the flexibility of GoDaddy since you can host the website on multiple providers (I use Wordpress and Squarespace simultaneously). What are your main goals? Are you looking for straight search engine results, are you trying to collect leads and interact with potential customers, publish regular content, etc.?
@kristinides At this stage, it is just to host the company site and landing page. Not really looking to host much content other than how ton and maybe the occasional blog post. One thing that i have found to be an issue on private hosting, is the confidence to know that things are backed up in case of an failure or accidental deletion.
Kristin Ides
@mrbobaleena Ah yes version control. Wordpress is definitely the best bet for that as far as I know, but I have had to abandon them due to slowness even with increasing PHP memory. Just doing some searching at it looks like Squarespace as of 2020 doesn't have any way to restore from a point in time. Lame! I have heard good things about Wordpress + Blue Host or HostGator.
Andrey offers rather cheap and decent VPSs where you can have Plesk or cPanel if you wish
Promise Emeka
For Dedicated servers and VPS I recommend Inmotion
Demian Dex
Do you know who you can turn to for hosting services? Which ones are the most reliable? We need a VPS server for a long time. Initially we are going to rent from one year.
Valdiss Kramar
I usually order vps here. There have never been any problems with the operation and availability of the site, very high, almost 100% uptime. Therefore, I never contacted support, there was no need. A lot of related services. The host always warns in advance about upgrading equipment or any technical work on the hosting, which of course is a definite plus.
Amanda Trincher
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