🤔 To partner or not to be partner, that is the question for people working on side projects.

Minjie Shi
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Hello everyone, My name is Minjie Shi and I am currently working a way to help people working on their side projects. Personally, I don't always get to finish my side projects which makes me a bit sad sometimes. I do want the idea to grow out to be something valuable to others. Hence, I have got the idea that maybe partnering with other people could help me get the side projects finished. Now I am trying to validate this idea and just want to, in general, hear what people feel when they work on a side project. If you have 5 mins to spare, please help me by doing the survey here: https://hello679095.typeform.com.... If you don't have the time, I completely understand and feel free to just leave a comment below regarding your thought about partnering with others to work on side projects. Thank you very much and I do really appreciate your help. Cheers, Minjie Shi
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