There are 12+ factors for SEO - what are your SEO priorities?

Malinda Coler
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Top 3 SEO priorities for your website by 10+ year growth marketer Thalita Milan. There are 12+ factors that influence how your website ranks on Google. None of us have time to manage 12 factors, but here are the top 3 most important to focus on in order of priority. 1. Content quality: Increase the quality of your content - your content must be well produced, unique, engaging. 2. Optimize for keywords - Make a list of top keywords in your field and optimize different pages of your website so that your keywords appear in: Meta page titles URLs Meta descriptions 3. Optimize for mobile - a large percentage of users will view your site on mobile. Come hang out with growth marketers and learn SEO to grow your business.


Triv Andhare
If we're sticking to the 3-points trend: 1. Publish an original idea/topic. 2. Care about the content you publish. 3. Learn about how Keywords work. As you've said, there are of course many more factors at play, but broadly speaking, I've found that these three are critical for relative success. By staying true to these points, I got to the first page on Google in about 3 months.
Malinda Coler
3 months? Wow, that’s fantastic!
Mohamed Mezian
Don't forget trivial things such as : - Fast website (use the chrome Lighthouse extension to check your score) - PWA Enabled website - Registering a domain name for multiple years (with a certificate) - Getting quality inbound links (spammy links and farm houses do more damage than good) I'm wondering if server side rendering is still required nowaways