Does anyone else find just getting through the day sometimes is a pretty big win?

Adam Knight
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I'm super lucky that in the last 7 months one of my businesses was eligible for a bit of help from the UK Government which enabled us to completely restructure what the company offers which has made it much more scalable (as 80% of our revenue disappeared). At the same time it's also allowed me to focus and get Nocode out there (POTD 10/10) but given all that has been a lot of work, and home schooling my three kids for three months, and permanently caring for my 94 year old Grand Mother since June... ...I still end up feeling some sort of weird productivity guilt, I think driven by various different characters on all Social and traditional media, because I'm not also doing Yoga, learning to weave baskets and getting my degree. I get how being eternally optimistic and thinking that putting positivity out in to the world seems like the way to go and who doesn't love an inspirational quote? But Jesus wept, you know it's OK to just be getting by right now. So I don't know if anyone needs to hear this, but if you're stuck, if things aren't going the way you want them to and it all feels like too much (literally 2-3 times a week for me atm) it is 100% fine to just take some time out, stop killing yourself trying to hit arbitrary deadlines that are almost entirely meaningless. I'm really lucky to have a wonderfully supportive family and a co-founder that can spot me burning out from a mile away. But maybe you don't so drop me a line if any of this chimed with you, or don't it's OK either way.


Russ Haywood
Personally, I feel that in an era of Collapse merely staying afloat or "not sinking all that much" is an immense accomplishment. We need to give far more credit to "merely treading water." Treading water in a tsunami is a far greater challenge than treading water in a pool on a nice day.