Green hosting. Pros and cons

Ricardo Moreira
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Hey, what's your take on green hosting? What are the best? Price vs quality? I read about Green Geeks as been one of the best, if not the best one, but latest reviews didn't sound so good. Any experiences here with this one or others?


Jacqueline von Tesmar
Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting is Internet hosting which involves green technologies to reduce environmental impact. I wasn't up on this. I'd like to hear more.
Ricardo Moreira
@jacqvon yes, by doing a search you find many hosting that offer. Some are 100% renewal energy, others buy renewal energy of the amount that is used. But even that all announce great performance I wonder why it's not talked so much. What are the downsides (if any ) of them? Especially for small entrepreneurs price vs quality is an important topic.