How do you start your week?

Aaron O'Leary
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It's somehow Monday again! I find it super important to start your week off with how you intend to continue. In that fashion, I want to know how you start your Mondays? I typically start with an hour reading then jump into my emails.


Samir Rashed
Hi @aaronoleary This week we're celebrating Premast 3rd anniversary 🎉🎉🤩 So we have a lot of activities to thank our Community ✌️💪
Victor Ponamariov
Nothing special, like the other days: wake up, shower, coffee, work :)
Aaron O'Leary
@victor_ponamariov Nothing wrong with consistency! :D
Tanya Volkova
I start with planning and meditation. Then I also play mind developing games, they help me solve tasks better. And then I have coffee. Takes a while for me to get into the right flow.
Maj Karjalainen
@tanya_volkova Sounds like a good way to start the day! Would you recommend any mind developing game in particular to give it a try?
Tanya Volkova
@maj_ oh yes, I'm a big fan, so I play a lot :) So far my favourites are LogicLike (yes, i am biased, but it also works well lol), Brilliant, Elevate (though sometimes I don't feel like expanding vocabulary), Lumosity. I also tried Peak, Brain Games, Brain out, Left vs right - they don't work for me. Occasionally I just do some French practice using Duolingo :) helps as well. What about you? How do you start the day?
Aaron O'Leary
@tanya_volkova Meaning to get more into meditation, do you use any apps?
Tanya Volkova
@aaronoleary yes, but i'm actually on a lookout for a good one myself. i've just started balance, cause they offer it for free for the whole year (to elevate users). other than that, sometimes I use Calm, sometimes Headspace and Meditopia. Sometimes I don't use any apps and just meditate myself :)))
Maj Karjalainen
@tanya_volkova Wow, thank you for the tips! I will definitely try some of them out :) I use Duolingo as well, but more for afternoon breaks. I started learning Arabic, still just working on recognising sounds and letters but it's great brain gym! I'm not really a morning person, so tips for a better start of the day are needed... I have been trying to come up with some good habits, like waking up earlier and forcing myself to do some exercising. Getting up feels impossible, exercise feels like torture, but afterwards I feel great! ... until I start working and start feeling tired again. I want to add some meditation to my mornings as well, but "can't find the time for it"... I might try out one of the apps you mentioned :)
Jonathan Hsien Loong Lee
I typically filter through notifications/emails for the first half hour, mark anything needing a follow up for the afternoon, list out things I plan to finish today, and then get started with work.
Eddie H.
Drop the kids off to school. The 15 min drive back is a nice way to think broadly about what I want to accomplish this week.
Aaron O'Leary
@eddieaich Yeah drives are always nice to clear the mind and prioritise
Roman Velitskiy
A longer-than-usual morning walk with my husky and a nice hot cup of flat white at a local coffee-shop. I guess this is the most hipster thing I've ever said :|
Fritz Brumder
I start with a priority list. I always do this on paper to internalize it. That way I don't need to look at it all the time, just when tasks are done. I always pick a top priority - this week for example it is getting our alpha users on boarded - Then we do a team meeting at 9. I connect with my co-founder before or after that call.
Hannah S Kim
I don't know if its the same with other people, but I tend to get kind of nervous for the week once it hits Sunday. I try to combat that by taking an hour or two out of my Sunday evening to plan ahead for the week, check my email, and get started on some tasks. This has definitely helped we start my Mondays with more positivity and energy!
Jensen Chen
There is nothing different with common day.
Sergey Shihaleev
Planning of course. And a cup of coffee in silence.
Pavel Mazuelas 🔥
I use to start the week with a crossfit class at 7 a.m. Am I crazy?
Judith Ackerman
Coffee and that week's discover weekly list for new songs.