What's the best way to introduce a beautiful children's coloring app to the Product Hunt community?

The Helping Company
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Hi, my name is Beth, from The Helping Company, we launched a few weeks ago Donut: Coloring Book for Kids (ages 2-7), a beautiful crafted and expertly curated drawing and coloring app for young children. Something really special. What is the best way to introduce it to the community? Would love some pointers


Welcome to Product Hunt! Interact within the community, be genuine, and when you post your product make sure to include helpful images and/or a product video. It's really helpful when there are good media attached to your post.
The Helping Company
@gabe__perez Thank you! Appreciate the kind advise. Let me know your thoughts on our first product shared
Tanya Volkova
Hi! Welcome :) Make sure to add the relevant topics and explain the value, help people see what you love about Donut. I haven't posted anything yet either, but by looking at examples of others the past two weeks, I see the more genuine the presentation is the better. That's one of the things I love about ProductHunt :) good luck!