What habits have helped you to be more productive?

Ollie Chap
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I'm looking for a few more habits to add to my routine to help me stay productive. I currently gym and meditate every day to help keep my head clear, and read most days to expand my knowledge. I'm always interested to hear about other routines or habits :D


Nathan Svirsky
I've started using the Pomodoro 🍅 technique to get myself into deep work mode using Pomodoro Time Another thing is committing to take an hour for lunch 🍽️ and maximising it by challenging myself to make the most of it every day. Here's an article I wrote about 'The Perfect Lunch Hour' if anyone wants some new ideas 💡 https://medium.com/@homewerk/the...
Ollie Chap
@homewerk @nathansvirsky Cheers, I typically workout before work, but ill give it a crack during lunch this week :D
Ankur Saxena
If you sleep early and wake up at 5 am with full rest ... Then drink 3 glass warm water and then strech ... This gives your mind bigger boost ... Now visualise your goal for day or week or month or year
Ollie Chap
@ankur_saxena_iit Whats the idea behind the water being warm?
Ankur Saxena
@ollie_chapman warm water helps in digestion and removing sticky residue from stomach and intestine...results in better digestion and absorption of nutrients rest of day
Coen Brasser
Journal or Log your day, have a notepad or a notetaking app open on your second screen and write down with timestamps what you are doing or just did. I use Roam Research for it, and it really makes me more aware of my behavior.
Marquis Kurt
One thing that's helped me in particular is using kanban boards to organize and keep track of the tasks I need to do. GitHub comes with a solution for this built-in via Projects, and it ties in really well with issues and milestones.
Jake Crump
Laughing. There's a lot of great productivity methods and tools that help me when I'm in the middle of a task, but it's also so helpful to remember that I'm not just a robot 🤖 Taking a break in-between tasks and listening to a funny podcast, YouTube clip, or whatever helps me clear my head, boost my energy, and lighten the mood. I love what I do, and laughing reminds me of that while keeping me in a great head space throughout the day.
Julio Medina
Check out the book Indistractable by @nireyal. Great insight on increasing productivity by being deliberate about your time and minimizing the distractions. I have a long way to go still but cutting out the BS and 'busy work' distractions is a great place to begin.
Abylay Ospan
Switching to nutritionally complete food gave me a productivity boost. Malnutrition can cut productivity by up to 20% according to the study of the International Labour Organization.
Shishir Thakur
Despite the workload, although it felt like insanity in the beginning; sleeping, waking and eating at the same time everyday helps a lot, it was a difficult habit to cultivate though. Apart from that, regular yoga and intermittent fasting are also very helpful.
Pedro Marques
I am biased, buuut I can totally recommend Tangerine (https://tangerine.app/) to help you organize your routine 🙂 Disclaimer: I am one of the co-founders.
Fernando Nikolic (mindfold.co)
Writing to improve thinking has been a game-changer for me this year.
Ilias Paraskevopoulos
I stretch my legs to get the blood flowing any time I just want a little break. But, as a daily routine, I have a 10min exercise to straighten my back and improve my posture. Talking with friends and family can also be meaningful and help my mind rest for a while. Or, just anything I feel creative with to decompress, like say, make a facebook post.
Victor Daniel Cardenas
Huge hack: make your alarm music that gets you pumped/music you associate with working out and activity. Makes it so much easier to get out of bed and get the day starting. Not quite a productivity hack, but IMO getting an early start is half the battle.
Ernesto Cohnen
Thanks to Google For Startups I've discovered Make Time concept. Totally worth it. https://maketime.blog/
Nir Eyal
I think you'd love my book, Indistractable, @ollie_chapman Please let me know what you think of it.
Ollie Chap
@nireyal I'll check it out :D I'm just getting into the product world (both career and side projects) and have been meaning to read Hooked too.
Andrew Sorohan
I learned that being productive is about setting clear goals, effective prioritization, and cutting unnecessary things from your routine to free time/energy for more important tasks. When I started becoming better at these 3 things, I stopped using many productivity apps and only needed a simple piece of paper or a Doc/Notion sheet that worked perfectly well for me. Once you overcomplicate your processes it starts eating your energy. Keep it simple.
Ollie Chap
@andrewsorohan Good advice! I've been playing around with Notion for the last few weeks and seems like a super useful tool to keep track of everything.