My wife and I are looking for something that shares spur of the moment status updates

Devon Meadows
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We now share a house and both work from home. I work upstairs, and she works downstairs. I don't want her walking in while I'm in a meeting. I wouldn't want her to bug me either if I'm in the zone. The same goes for her. I don't know if I'll intrude if I walk in. Right now we just text or look at each other's calendar. Is asking and informing via text the best way? I'm a designer and don't put everything on my calendar and she also has lots of unpredictable endeavors. I'm imagining a real quick button in our mac bars that would allow us to toggle a status that is shared + an iPhone widget would be a bonus. Any recommendations?


Dhanyal Radha Gopi
How about creating a WhatsApp group 'status updates', and send a status inside it, with an explicit expectation set, not to expect replies. Will it suffice?