How did you build your early stage twitter following?

Ian T Butler
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I've read a lot of "grow your following" posts but some of them seem kind of gross in terms of tactics so I'd figure I'd ask here instead, where I think I'll get a more realistic answer. Also should we thank people for following early on or is that seen as cringy?


Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
I am still on this path. The end goal is to people make most people land on your profile.. So you need to be more visible. I am following these approaches for this: - Engage with high active accounts. They wont notice your response but some of their followers does. - Make sure they are in same targeted niche. - Spend at least 2 hrs a day on engaging. Even if you gain 100 active followers in your niche they are sufficient to help your grow - Craft your pinned tweet as CTA or something exciting to offer., - Use threads to share you experience (not knowledge) more often. Threads have high engagement rate. - You should use thread of your achievements as pinned tweet. - At last, when you see you are getting average of 5-10 human retweets, start posting more frequently. For this you need to schedule your tweets in advance. Aarvy Creator - Dictozo dot com