Have you taken much vacation this year? What have you done during it?

Aaron O'Leary
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I'm just back from vacation and it was fantastic, did absolutely nothing bar watch spooky movies and chill. I'm used to running through airports during my vacation but with 2020 putting that on hold it's been a nice time to just break for the sake of taking a break


Did a two weeks road trip in Italy, my home country. Drove around, slept immersed in nature, had amazing conversations with the friends I was on holiday with, saw new places I've never been to, and ate amazing food. Overall it was a really good opportunity for taking a distance from the everyday busy work life and revaluate big picture company decisions.
Aaron O'Leary
@gaialiciabalossi I love Italy!! Yeah, I feel this situation has made us be more open and grateful to our home countries when it comes to vacation!
Tanya Volkova
haha, this made me think of mine. I'm used to going somewhere for vacations too. this year I took two weeks off to stay at home. I reorganized my room and renovated the kitchen. It was something I'm not used to, but it made me think of how important it is to keep the balance and to have variety in how you relax. It helped me unwind and relax more than travels did. Kind of like my one on one with myself time I missed before.
Tanya Volkova
@aaronoleary i did to, to my surprise :))) watching spooky movies helps too??
Amira Mansour
Haha nice! I used to take a week to stay at home and just chill even before the pandemic, but this year I visited few villages around where I live. We got beautiful beaches and mountains. It was amazing but unfortunately too short (1 week only).
Barry Smith
We did a road trip to take our daughter up to college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. We then hit up a bunch of National parks (Yosemite, Grand Tetons, Bryce, Zion) on our way back to Los Angeles. Great trip.
Cezary Dobrowolski
Oh yea, I've taken a lot of vacation just to work on a startup project :D I even quit my job now just to focus on it! :D
Elizabeth Clifford
In lockdown in Melbourne Australia so can't drive beyond 5km. My backyard is the best alternative to a vacation. Especially when the sun is out and birds are chirping and the smell of the gumtree's always makes me happy. It's my favorite spot to chill when you can't go anyplace else.