Product Hunt IRL: Istanbul and Ankara

Enis Erdem Yurdatapan
2 replies
Hi Makers! Greetings from Turkey :) We host Product Hunt Meetup on 28th January both in İstanbul and Ankara. 200+ people attended our events totally and 10 Startups launched their project on PH and presented to our community on that day. 3 of them were in top 7 by the way :) (Storyly, Monday Hero, Image4io) We want to grow PH community and continue to organize regular events. I wonder about your suggestions for growing community? What should we do both physically and digitally for reaching out more people from Startup ecosystem? Thank you for your response.


What a successful event! In you can set up emails, have you considered putting together photos from the day and emailing them to attendees and asking them what topics they would like to see covered in future events?
Dilara Ibrahim
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