Scrolling is stealing our time

Kat Volar
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People of the 21st century need to process huge amounts of information in order to effectively manage life processes. The larger these volumes, the more often the problem of scrolling arises to find the information you need. You spend a lot of time rereading weekly dialogues to find what you need. And also remember where you saw any information if you forgot to save it to yourself in time. Have you faced the same difficulties in your life as you are solving this problem now and what would be the perfect solution for you to avoid scrolling?


An app that functions as a little wiggly widget at the bottom of the screen once you've scrolled for 1-minute. Just a gentle, subtle line that shakes/wobbles and says "Scroll-time 1min". Think the biggest issue is we don't realize how much time we've spent until it's gone, a gentle nudge that a minute has gone by could really put your scroll time into perspective.
Katya Veremeichik
yes, i 100% have this time-stealing issue with scrolling, specifically on social media and DM. Would be nice to have search bars in messengers to be able to look for a specific message by keyword
Barry Smith
I have a client that uses Slack for everything and refuses to use Basecamp, Asana, or any other project management application. It's impossible to find anything in the never-ending scrolls of countless channels in applications like Slack. Complete headache.