Is it ok to launch first product and 2-3 weeks after another one in Product Hunt?

Garri Gabrelian 👾
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Benoit Chambon
If you aim to be product of the month, I guess you have to wait at least a month before launching another one product. You might focus audience attention on the latest product, and not the first one as well (but I can be wrong!!!)
Jacqueline von Tesmar
You can post a completely different product after a few weeks, but you don't want to post the same product again after the launch. We recommend that there is at least 6 months between each launch of a product. This give the team time to build out a major feature or update to showcase during the launch. That is what gets the community excited!
Garri Gabrelian 👾
@jacqvon Thanks for your explanation! It's not the same product at all, but they coexist in one ecosystem. Even Teams that working is different ;) As i mention for Aurelio, it's kinda like a Robinhood and Robinhood Snacks.
I'd say it depends if your products are related or not!
Ali Rajool
I suggest placing at least 1 month between them, as you will get more familiar with both PH and its ecosystem