Should I beta test before a launch or post launch?

Anton Prakash
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Hello everyone, I'm in the process of developing a new SaaS product. Is beta testing good before a launch or post launch?


Danyub Mustefa
Beta launch is still a launch, and then relaunch and relaunch as many time as you need. But yes, calling a launch "beta launch" means you will get away with some bugs and issues :)
Mr Ethar Alali
That totally depends on the product and the receptivity of your early adopters. I've done both and in some cases, even have no beta, but have beta [test] clients, with a view to building the technology as a co-production with their help. This means extensive, micro-Lean Startup activity which continually creates features and enhancements. A beta can be useful for a pipeline here. So your beta clients are early adopters and this stuff then goes into mainstream use after a while. Facebook does this and so do Hootsuite.
Julie Chabin
If you're launching a SaaS and assuming it'll be a paid service, you can do a beta launch, being explicit that you'll either give free service or a reduced price in exchange for feedback. When you've collected enough feedback and ensured your product works perfectly, then you can do a general launch with normal pricing.
Jonathan Garreis
We experienced that it really helps! Thee are more errors and improvements as you think.
Anton Prakash
@garreis_jonathan Absolutely Jonathan, each day finding some new bugs and trying to sort out before launch.