What is the value of coaching?

Conor McCarthy
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Have any startup founders here ever had a coach? If so, what's been the main value you have taken away from the experience?  I’ve been coaching founders for a few years now and am always curious/amazed at the takeaways that people leave a coaching relationship with. Often, it’s not what they imagined!


Gordian Overschmidt
Very simple: Guiding not patronizing and forcing for good without mercy! It is not about business models start-ups need to fit in as they often think outside the box. This means proven models might be right for those doing business for 30 years but not for those doing business in 30 years. Coaches I took the most from have genuinely developed a passion similar to what we feel about our "baby" - giving a clear mission to raise the "baby" together with us and share within, getting their community involved.
Conor McCarthy
@gordianoverschmidt Love this thought of "raising a baby together"…like a co-CEO but without the bells and whistles?
Hugo Santana 'Kaloh'
Coaching is a mix of motivating, guiding and mentoring.
Héctor Garza
you never say no to a coach...
Jonathan Garreis
Definite motivation for bad times as well as down-to-earthness in the good times. For us experience & knowledge are important.
Conor McCarthy
@garreis_jonathan Whats an example of the "goodness" you mention here?
Reema Maarouf
Creates inner motivation and a will towards wanting to achieve more!
Taus Noor
Avoid obvious mistakes (which aren't obvious to first time founders)
Robert Barton
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Can someone tell me more about the real value of having a life coach? Why don't more people know about it! I told everyone I knew and wanted everyone to try it. But most didn't. I'm interested in hearing from an expert in the field.