If money were no thing, what would you do?

Aaron O'Leary
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Let me preface this by saying I love working I do, I guess I'm more asking what would you focus your passion on if money were not important? We are always told either to follow our passion or stick with what makes the money. Take money out of the equation, what would you do? I'd have a cabin somewhere in a forest overlooking a lake with no internet whatsoever and just live my life with some dogs.


I've thought about this a lot. I’d own land and grow food, and build a house using sustainable methods and materials. On those same grounds I'd create work/live spaces, where people from all walks of life can come together, eat, share in depth conversations, learn, work, laugh, create, dance and so on.
Lucie Loubet
I'd create my own music label. Travel, meet artists everywhere, and do my best to encourage the discovery of brand new music styles.
Travel around the world learning local languages, cuisine, and music with the goal of being able to cook 2 different meals, play a new instrument/traditional song, and being able to have somewhat decent conversations. I also would want to learn how to grow a fruit farm :D
@leandro8209 I'd have to stop by your future sustainable hub to swap stories with the folks there! Team up with @aaronoleary to cook some tasty meals with your home grown food too ^__^
Most probably the same thing, like I do now, but with fewer worries. The ideological question behind this answer is if I would spend the same effort as existential panic is a powerful driver. Some people say that the collapse of the socialist countries finds its origin in this phenomenon as their productivity was missing, on the one hand, this panic, and, on the other hand, the golden carrot of the idea of becoming wealthy (= the illusion of being secure from ever panicking again). The Nobel-prize winning economist August v. Hayek once said: "The free market is the largest revelation procedure to be assumed", meaning that the formerly described effects are driving the world to hyper-prosperity and technological fertility. The advocates of the General Basic Income hold against it, that fertility based on fear produces toxic artifacts, what we can observe perhaps in the potentially apocalyptic dangers of climate change. They proclaim to take the fear out of the equation, and leave the golden carrot in, and drive the prosperity based on non-toxic production or in better words accelerating what some people predict for some decades, entering the 6th Kondratiev cycle of holistic health. In my understanding Covid-19 is the fulminant entry point into this new era and most of our startups are already bound to its inherent targets: a healthy planet, healthy social structures, and healthy individuals. So if you ask me again, yes, I would do the same as I'm doing as it is the only thing I was made for, helping humanity to understand quicker by increasing information entropy in a meaningful way: timz.flowers PS#1: Amen, closing this with the name of my startup was capturing me all of a sudden, haha PS#2: I hope my English was sufficient for this text, I'm afraid it has many errors.
Farouk Grissom
This reminds me of Zuck, who said something along these lines: "why would I sell Facebook? If I had all the cash from selling, I'd just use it to buy a social network"
Ken Savage
@farouk you sure he said that?
Farouk Grissom
@kensavage I know I read it somewhere, but can't find original source. Until I do, take it with a grain of salt
Sharon Cohen
Honestly I'd do exactly what I'm doing and planning on doing. 1) Business, and 2) Coaching, either spiritual or emotional (not related to business). I genuinely believe that someone who makes money without passion will never be successful as someone who's passionate and dedicated. I'd go as far as to say that even people who dream of becoming actors (which is incredibly difficult because of the competition) can make it work and even be stars as long as they adore it, super dedicated and are very attentive to any emotional issues/lack of confidence/energy blockage that can get in their way.
Ken Savage
Honestly I really don’t know. If I had all the money I would ever need I would be sure my family was taken care of and people close to me didn’t struggle. If there weren’t any monetary system like maybe 500 years ago then things will probably be pretty damn difficult. I won’t wish for a scenario that humans have lived through. Ever see the movie The Revenant?
Gordian Overschmidt
Sounds cheesy but that is how it is: I would love to spend more time observing, talking, and spending time with people - no matter where they are from, what they believe, or whom they date. I would love to learn so much more about people, why they do things they do, their lives the way they chose, and what makes them tick. I would love to read all the books on those topics, all articles, and maybe even literature covering the topic. I would love to understand better what is necessary to make them know how to go for the best decisions for all of us and our world. That means I can proceed with what I am doing now, maybe a little bit more slowly. Money won't make a difference to me. I might enjoy a little more than now, but I am happy with my family, friends, and what I am doing.
Barry Smith
Stop worrying about how to make the next buck and do the stuff that makes me happy. Work on projects like the one I'm doing now (www.giphcards.com), coach youth sports (basketball), go to culinary school, and learn how to play 20 songs really well on the guitar. Cheers
Fernando Nikolic (mindfold.co)
If money wasn't a thing I would still build, only something that was 100% mine where I could take as long as I wanted while spending however amount of time on it.
Jose Eduardo Saura
I've always thought about this... I would enjoy a LOT creating something like Boiler Room, Berlin Colors. But solve some problems in that industry too, lead an enthusiasts of expression, problem solvin, design thinking team.
Shivani Patel
I would love to travel around the world and learn more and more about different cultures! 🧳
Gail Gardner
Develop a food forest using permaculture principles and spend a whole lot less time online. If the internet went away tomorrow, that's what I'd do. (But I'd have to make some money locally unless money were no object.) If the power went off today forever, I'd be ok. Not many can say that.
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I would probably open a school that is remote, works with local peer-groups and caters to students from tough (financially or otherwise) backgrounds in India - aimed at issues of a developing nation's young population.
Hannah S Kim
Pursue a career in the arts haha
I would probably be teaching and writing books during the day, and bartending in a piano or poetry bar in the evenings. In my country, teaching pays too little, so I will have to leave that for later. I was a bartender when I was in my early 20s.
Sourave Hossain
Would probably learn musical instruments.
Richard Fang
One of the things I really wanted to do once I am in a comfortable position in life is to help build a NFP education platform for villages / communities in developing countries. One of the biggest problems is a lot of people don't have access to education and have to take care of families (like the family farm) etc. Hopefully one day I can do something around this!
Fajar Siddiq
I want to keep helping people