What are some fun, alternative ways to call your customers?

Gisela Mirandilla
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I'd like to move away from the usual terms like user, customer, member, etc. What is your product about and what are some fun ways you call your customers?


Andreea Bunica
I haven't gotten there yet, as I'm running a hardware startup and just finishing up the MVP so we can start having first demo calls with people. But I'll throw the ideas in here, maybe it helps you. We're planning on doing zoom game-themed demo nights- basically organizing events/ community parties where we'll be demonstrating our product as part of the entertainment. We're really trying to take an approach where we onboard people in our community first, and not trying to directly sell them something.
Katya Veremeichik
I often see brand-related names of the audience. E.g. our project is called UIGiants.com - a platform for digital designers to showcase their portfolios and find jobs, so we call our users Giants:)
Melody Soptaka
Ours is named Backpack (bringing stuff from abroad via travellers) and we call our users "Backpackers". And when someone means that they would use our service to bring something, they often use "I think I'll backpack this book."
Jared Cornell
Yeah, I totally get you, calling people as customers, members, or users is too mainstream. However, our business has found a tool that helps us customize every email and write to our customers using their original names. Personalization at its best! The software is called ProProfs Help Desk (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/), you must give it try.