I got 25 votes only, what is the best action when this happens?

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Hello, I posted my alpha product yesterday for testing but I got very little votes. I know I didn't make fancy display, no video, and just try to be simple here. https://www.producthunt.com/post... I am wondering when this happens what would the veteran here do? I am curious about a couple of stuff but not sure if they are correct. - Are product hunt users hunt mainly tech entrepreneurs and B2B that might not find B2C product appealing? - Does this happen often for a very early product like us and is the 25 actually a good enough number for us to keep reiterating and relaunch on PH when we have a beta? - I got 1 subscriber, 1 paying customer, and 1 engaging customer wanting to use for business purpose from this launch, which is not a bad thing, but I see many visits coming to our website, I don't see any negative posts or thoughts, which I hope to get. What could I do to get more feedback? - How would we red flag our product when it comes to analyzing user voting in PH? Is this usually a sign for pivot? Thank you so much. Darren
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