Do you receive enough feedback from your peers?

Franklin Valadares
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Sometimes I wonder if the feedback processes in companies are efficient for people to really develop or if they are just another annoying task. Thanks for your feedback.
Yes, I'm happy with the frequency of feedback I receive.
No, I would love to receive constructive feedback more often.


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What kind of peer feedback are you thinking about?
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@forster_perelsztejn1 I'm building a feedback app that is mainly trying to address poor feedback inside startup companies. But I don't know if people really want continuous feedback on their work as a tool to improve over time.
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@franklin_valadares from my point of view, feedback from peers is always touchy, and it's usually better if it comes from a manager; how did you get the idea of working with peer feedback?
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@forster_perelsztejn1 I believe that feedback from people above, at your level, or led by you, has the same value and can help a lot in personal improvement. Thanks for your thoughts, anyway.
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non-company related, I'm a solo founder- would love more feedback from people that have gone and done it, especially as I'm in the hardware business and well.. hardware's hard.
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