Week starts on Sunday

Hamid Bundu
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I've been experimenting with this concept: My Monday is now Sunday. My Saturday is now my Friday and my Sunday is my now my Saturday. My week starts on Sunday. Results: Mondays less stressful. Anyone else tried this?


Dustin Miller
Actually, I have done this. and believe me, it really helps in staying productive.
Hamid Bundu
@dustin_miller Agreed. I find that I am more prepared- even if all I do on Sunday is just prepping for and sorting out the up coming days' tasks.
Aaron O'Leary
I've seen people approach it like this. Another way if you work for yourself or have flexible hours is treat wednesday as a saturday, work thursday friday and saturday and off sunday, splits the week up evenly
Hamid Bundu
@aaronoleary Interesting. I like that its like having a 3 day week. I know that in some countries the weekends are Thursday (our Sat) and Friday (our Sun).
Fereshteh Saaei
That is an effective strategy. Personally I work all week. But everyday from 5am to 8am I strictly spend time to recover and refresh.
Hamid Bundu
@fereshtehs I used to do that. Work all week, but I found out that its not sustainable - as in I get burnt out. So now, I try not to work on Saturdays (I still find myself doing some work though).
get carrier
do you mean that it really helps?
This system definitely helps me maximize productivity. I start the week with plenty of time to plan and organize so I have a clear vision of what I need to achieve before digging in on Monday. I also appreciate the time to reflect on Saturday to identify what worked and could have been improved.
Hamid Bundu
@lauren2hearts Agreed, especially when there is alot to do and alot to keep up with planning is so important.