Resources related to Product Management

Rashem Pandit
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I want to know what resources (any specific website, apps, podcast etc.) do you guys use or recommend someone, to remain updated regarding whats going on in terms of current news, Technology, Tools, skills specific to product management?


Product Hunt is a pretty good place to find the latest products/tech drops! I would also suggest checking our press sites like TechCrunch and Verge as well as trying to discover communities in Social Media that have similar interests as you!
Online Workers Company
I'm an Amazon Associate which I was able to find the following Product Management content that might be helpful:
Telegram groups are great to find interesting tool, and are also useful to meet new people with which to exchange info and opinions
Jochem Gerritsen
There's a Slack community and whole business called MindtheProduct ( which is quite useful. Also, books like Melissa Perri's the Build Trap have helped me in improving my product management skills.