Who is struggling to find the perfect personal productivity and task management app?

Lorenzo Garofano
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I have looked around for a long time and not found yet a great solution for my task-management & productivity needs. I have many workstreams and projects to work on mostly by myself. I am looking for a simple tool that allows me to: a) write a to-do list of tasks (as simple as Google tasks but) with: expected duration, priority, deadline b) allocate these tasks in my Google calendar intuitively, like drag and drop from the task list into the available time slots in my Google calendar. End result would be a week fully planned with tasks, in addition to events, in a time-blocking fashion c) visually highlight issues (e.g. overlaps) in the calendar when things change, move or take longer than planned. Potentially: c) break-up a task into blocks that fit into the empty slots. Leave the unscheduled block of a task in the task list with the new expected duration (=original duration - scheduled block) d) suggest ideal scheduling of the tasks to reflect priorities and deadlines. e) prompt at the end of the day: "have you completed XYZ task as planned?" and adjust the task list accordingly (e.g. if I skipped or didn't complete somethine, return the task to the task list with the new expected duration) Anyone has come across something that does this? I have used ToDoist, TimeHero, Skedpal, Trello, Asana, Google Tasks and never found something simple which does all the above. If there's no such a product on the market, I will do it! :)


Raj Rajendran
We have a product that simplifies everything and maintains your to do list etc. Our app is self contained without the need for other apps. Our dashboards tell you your productivity and manages work. We are going to release a small business version by next week. Our new website to be released later this week will have more details.
Christian Heine
Well, maybe. Take a look at https://faden.cloud/. It's not integrated into Google Cal, but other than that, it aims to solve the productivity (and note-taking) puzzle in a new way. It's inspired by other tools like Workflowy and Todoist as well as more analogue systems like the Bullet Journal method and Getting Things Done. The key idea is that you can quickly write things down, break them down when necessary and also add follow-ups (tasks) which are handled differently than pure notes. It's technically a journal, but it does not really feel like one. But you essentially start with a blank page each day. At the moment it is focused on capture and retrieve, but also supports flexible scheduling.
Henry Dobson
I still haven't found anything that can replace my good old notebook.
David Miller
Earlier, I used to shuffle between 2-3 apps to manage my projects and maintain work efficiency. But now, I have switched to ProProfs Project (https://www.proprofsproject.com/) to set project schedules, track progress, collaborate with stakeholders, and automate recurring tasks. This helps streamline my everyday workflow, achieve greater productivity, and deliver projects within the defined timeline. Also, its invoicing capabilities calculate my accurate billable hours for easy client billing.