Would you love to use a product which allows you to have a Group to Groups chat?

Pavan Tej
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I've observed that there are Peer-to-Peer chat, channel-based chat & group chat platforms. There isn't a tool for Group to Groups communication. Would you use a tool which allows you to have a Group to Groups chat for your multiple teams to collaborate while working on a project? Would love to know is anyone willing to use it.


Pavan Tej
Will you love to use it or not? Tell your answer below:
3 Answers
Dhanyal Radha Gopi
Depends, why not create a new slack channel for it?
Anamika Chaudhary
How is group to group chat different from both of the groups being at one place as one big group like any other group chat??
Rachelle sy
Yes, we usually do this for virtual events with booths. We use RumbleTalk chat to create multiple rooms.