What are the best ways to promote an online hackathon?

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We're now hosting an online hackathon. We have all our channels + FB and LinkedIn groups, Hacker News, Indie Hackers and some hackathons tools I found on Product Hunt covered. Any other ideas?


Bill Flitter
Partner Up: Reach out to blogs, newsletters, and podcasts in your niche. Do an exchange with them. They promote you and you promote them at your hackathon. Eventbrite: Create an event in Eventbrite.com (and other event listing sites). Eventbrite events are well indexed and the site gets a lot of traffic. Twitter: find people talking about hackathons. Let them know about yours Go to https://devpost.com/hackathons and list your event there. Good luck! -Bill https://FixMyGrowth.com
Marko Pavlović
Give away an actual battle axe to the winner - wait, that's what Woofoo did 😂