What are the best job sites for impact-jobs?

Nicolas Megow
6 replies
Interested to learn if and where you'd be searching or have found your job to make a positive contribution.


Anton Prakash
Hi Nicolas, LinkedIn will be the great platform.
Nicolas Megow
@antonjprakash well LinkedIn is great for any job search. But it doesn't help me to estimate the contribution / impact of a job.
Marine Laplace
Salut, je suis du même avis que #Anton Prakash. LinkedIn constitue en effet l'une des meilleures plateformes qui permettent de trouver des offres sérieux
Lauren Place
80,000 hours sends out a job board!
Nicolas Megow
@lauren_place thanks! I'm familiar w/ the usual suspects like 80000hours.org, idealist.org, goodjobs.eu or bwork.com But those are niche in a sense that they cater to core impact-folks. If you're more mainstream, they are rather hard to use. Any thoughts?