What are you using to measure your soft-skills growth?

Neha Gupta
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Heard of Johari Window concept? for discovering one's blind spots. Wondering if anyone is following that in practice.. :)


I wonder how would one follow that in practice without constantly asking for feedback
@mrcordeiro I agree, but how about a tool which makes it super easy to ask feedback and also reminds you to request feedbacks?
@slayerjain Having built such a tool myself, I can say that it's very hard to engage people to give feedback. And usually those feedback suck imo (:P): the reason being that they take place too long after the observable situation that led to the feedback's conclusion. For instance, imagine there's something you did once and that left a long-lasting impression on me. Months later that impression will shape my feedback to you, but the memory of evidence is long gone. Without the evidence, the person receiving the feedback can't say exactly what habit they need to change. Plus, as soon as they receive a conflicting feedback, they will not know how to deal with original one.
@mrcordeiro - That's actually insightful. Thanks :) However, it's all about making that whole experience fun and transparent as much possible I think. ;)
@nehgaup I'm trying to create a more on-rails feedback experience, but still haven't nailed the 'fun' bit. Matterapp has a similar concept to Johari in the sense that you ask people to give feedback on you. What I want to create is some kind of behavior trigger (besides gamification, that is) that allows people to start giving out feedback on their own volition.
@mrcordeiro It would definitely be cool to implant trigger into people that makes them write a feedback when they're either annoyed or impressed by someone.
Since most people seem to be interested but don't have an answer, here's a free tool - https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Life changer!
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