Best payment processors?

Nolvia Serrano
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Mi everyone :) We are very close to launching a new product that I'm pretty confident will be very popular. I'm currently, researching payments processors to find the best fit. Probably some of you have already been trough this and would love to hear your experience. Thanks in advance!


Tarek Dajani
Stripe is really good if they support your country, if not, you can go with Gumroad or Paddle.
@tdajani agree that Stripe is really good! Our website is powered by Stripe because we like how it is built. If you are building your own website, it's probably best to have multiple payment options! There is some element of brand loyalty and people may feel most comfortable with PayPal vs. Stripe etc. etc. Is your product going to be U.S. only or global? Stripe only works in about 40 countries at this time.
Tarek Dajani
@floonce Hey, sorry for the late reply there. I am in the process of launching now, however, I did my fair share of research. Unfortunately, my country is not supported, so most probably I'll go with Paddle.
Jack Dorini
I have used, Stripe, Adyen, and Square. I'd say that Stripe is the most developer friendly one because of the great documentation and their great support. They literally answer in under five minutes. They also have an excellent subscription feature if your product requires it.
@dipole_moment absolutely true! I called Stripe's API team and they were so excellent that I gave a review to my rep's supervisor.
Andrew Goei
This really depends I think on what you need the payment process for. We have worked with many clients/startups across multiple industries, some that even fall in the "high-risk merchant" category which limits the options. So, assuming you're running a "low-risk merchant" type of business, then in most cases I would say Stripe is your best bet. They have a great backend system to manage your account and make everything pretty easy.
Fatih Suth
Today, there are many online payment methods, but not all of them are reliable. I think Paypal, Stripe, are some of the most popular, but not the best. Unfortunately, I have had some technical errors when paying for the Stripe. You know, each payment method is suitable for a specific purpose, but there is a universal payment gateway for games, which is also suitable for business. I own a gambling platform, so it is very convenient for me to use one payment system. At the moment, I have not experienced any problems with transactions, so for a proven online payment system