How often are you sharing and posting content to generate website traffic?

Michael Nelson
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For any early startups or people that have led early startups, how often (weeks, months, quarters?) are you sharing/posting content to generate website traffic? What type of content (blogs, videos, interviews) has been the most successful? What mediums are you generally posting to (Linkedin, Website Blog, Medium, etc?)


Damir Pervan
We try to stick with blog posting at least once per week. We used to do 3x per week but found that it's tricky to stick to. We use Wordpress integrated on our website and then re-share it on Twitter and design a SM campaign around the content
Bill Flitter
I found the following rhythm works for me BUT test, test, test. The generic answer is it depends. For example, I don't have time to write blog posts so I do bite sized updates. I try to avoid the stress of doing something because everyone else say it works. I only have so many hours in the day! LI: 1x per day Twitter: 2-3x per day (mix of conversation and content) Indie Hackers: 1-2x per day in various groups (mix of conversation and content) Niche communities: 1-2x per day As far as the content goes, it is mainly text but working on a number of videos. Hope that helps.
Tarek Dajani
I think you have to atleast write one blog post per week at the beginning. The thing is organic search takes alot of time to take effect, so it is not easy to know if it really is successful. I post on the website's blog and linkedin by the way.
Jeremy Mendoza
Great question! I have just begun my digital/ social media marketing initiatives and have been wondering the same thing. I've been posting weekly but would like to start posting content as often as daily however I am trying to figure out how to simply gain followers. I feel there is not point in posting if nobody will see it. Interested to learn what other here are doing :)