How do you normally start your mornings?

Aaron O'Leary
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Morning routines are super important at least for me anyway. I typically start mine with a coffee and 30 mins offline so reading a book normally.


Nathan Svirsky
Go for a quick walk. If you're like me and kinda new to the whole working from home thing, it has transformed my day and relationship to my workspace. I've found that it ticks a lot of boxes for me: 1) Wakes me up with immediate purpose. 2) Fresh air is really underrated - especially in the morning! 3) Gets my heart pumping and body in motion. 4) Helps to reinforce my work / life balance. Once you're done, grab a coffee β˜•, sit at your desk πŸ–₯️ and get the day started πŸ’ͺ
Aaron O'Leary
@nathansvirsky Yeah walks are great, especially like them during the colder weather, brisk air wakes you up better than any coffee
Nathan Svirsky
@aaronoleary I live in London. Can confirm cold weather does help! πŸ˜†
Lauren McNeely
@nathansvirsky Totally agree - getting outside and doing something active is a game changer, especially these days! Nothing helps clear your head like a good walk, run, or hike.
I usally wake up at 7:00, I will start my mornings with my plants around my home because watching green is very good for our eyes. - 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM Check my Todolist of the day in Taskord - and add some todos - 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Turn on Spotify and start working on my product the Taskord itself πŸ˜… and some office works - 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM Mostly office works - 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM Some exercise - 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Concentrate more on my side projects and family time - 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM Netflix / Youtube and Sleep This my daily routine πŸ˜…! PS: After typing those I read the question again, @aaronoleary asked only the morning rituals!!!!
Aaron O'Leary
@bigint LOL, the whole day ritual is important too haha!
Damir Pervan
1. Pray for 10 min and expressing gratitude 2. Smoothie 3. Meditate for 15 min using Calm 4. Write down my goals and my targets for the day 5. Read a book for 30 min 6. Workout session- 1.30 h 7. Start-up work...
Aaron O'Leary
@damir_pervan I like the praying part. Not very religious myself but have found it to be quite meditative.
Marisa Harrington
@damir_pervan I love the praying aspect as well! I have a daily devotional book that I read every morning which gets me off to a great start. It immediately begins my day with gratitude
I try to keep 3 things consistent to start my day - Stretching - Coffee/water - Note of what I want to accomplish this day & week
Theresa Little
My morning starts with exercise, coffee, and a smile :) I think that it is the most important part of a day so trying to spend it with positive.
Ashley Hamilton
@theresalittle I love how you try to start your day being positive! This literally can change your whole day!
ian brewski
0645 yoga stretches, then take my dogs for a mile run/walk 0700 go for a 3 mile run 0735 shower, brush teeth 0750 start coffee and nootropics supplement 0800 enjoy coffee...launch Spotify and set some good music depending on my mood 0805 write on my Leuchtturm1917 the date and some initial thoughts to brain dump 0815 start the work day
Eddie H.
Now that the kids are in school, 7 - 9:30 AM is spent getting them ready and driving them to school. It's been hard because I'm a night person and tend to stay up until 1 or 2 AM on some nights. In reality, I need to go to bed much sooner and wake up earlier. My most recent routine is to spend my 15 minute drive home to think about the work ahead of me, solve some problems, think about strategies for my startup. Other than that - coffee. Tried tea but went back to coffee.
Josh Ettwein
1) Wake my 10yo up and remind him that, yes, it's a school day 2) Head over to the home office and say good morning to my wife (she's up at 0530 every day for meetings on East Coast time) 3) Let the dog out and feed him 4) Make coffee 5) Find and write a daily inspiring quote on our kitchen whiteboard (I really need one of these: 6) Get son out the door to school 7) Open laptop in location du jour and begin first meeting at 0730
The way I spend the morning and how I would like are completely different things!) I start the morning with a hearty breakfast and watching the news.
Micah Carroll
Honestly always with lighting incense, and my morning coffee (black) β˜•οΈ (with a side of ambient music)
Sharon Cohen
I follow the Miracle Morning routine (book). 1. Meditation 2. Affirmations 3. Visualization 4. Reading something new 5. Yoga 6. Journaling Each takes about 5-10 mins. The whole point is to have a productive, quiet morning before starting to work. This is because the way you feel in the morning is how you're going to feel for the rest of your day. My days aren't always quiet, but they sure are productive.
Sharon Cohen
@ashley_hamilton1 go for it! I also know that you can get the Miracle Morning ebook for free on Amazon. It will change your life!
Ronan Wall
Mornings are all about getting my little girl up and ready for day care. Gives me good perspective on life before I get into my personal passion
Debajit Sarkar
By setting concrete goals for the day. Setting goals specific to the day puts everything into motion. Having concrete goals that can be narrowed down to a few achievable ones that can be broken down into steps correlates with huge increases in confidence and feelings of control.
Nova Reyes
Hola! Quarantine plus working from home has definitely changed my morning routine. Here's what my typical Monday - Friday mornings look like! 7AM - Wake up and drink water (most important thing to do when you first wake up) 7:30 - Yoga/Pilates on my deck (weather permitting) 8:00 - Make a healthy smoothie (I would normally drink coffee, but it gives me that mid-day lag so I switched to something that wouldn't!) 9:00 - Shower and get dressed in something other than loungewear (I started quarantine wearing my pajamas all day - but realized I am more productive when I dress like I would if I'm going into the office) 9:30 - Sign onto work! Ciao!
Mr Ethar Alali
I need to get better at it again. It used to be light breakfast (cereals), walk or gym, sh*t-shower-shave (3S), get dressed, work. Now, with lockdowns, it's bathroom, lay down again for 30 minutes and HootSuite my social media for the day, emails, shower and code/data/business development/strategy, depending on the day. During lockdown, and after a couple of injuries last year, I found the lack of gym access frustrating at first. I just kept putting on weight. However, that rest did my injuries the world of good and I was then nominated for a 25 press-ups for 25 day challenge and tried to over-achieve on that as much as I could (as press-ups are easy). Some days I'd do 50 straight, some days one armed, some days get 100 to 200 in etc. Did well to lose a few pounds. I should set those as goals on here. So I keep doing it :-D
Jaggier Jon
My morning starts with reading and a bottle of water(●'β—‘'●). That's quite easy.
Kuldeep Ahlawat
1) Let the dog out and feed him 2) Make coffee 3) Find and write a daily inspiring quote on our kitchen whiteboard (I really need one of these: 4) Get son out the door to school
Jack Dorini
I get up at 7am, do some stretches and light cardio while the coffee is brewing, chug a cup of water, then get to work. I typically work on my todo the night before, so I can sleep on it.
Bikash Lalani (Vik)
My morning routine has gone through many changes over the years and has had its peaks and lows. I usually like to keep it flexible and see how my body feels. During the pandemic, I adopted new habits as well and have tried to adopt them as habits. Waking up before 6 am, 5-10 mins of run, followed by another 15 to 45 mins of exercise using the Nike Training app, shredding and breaking a coconut and then drinking the water which makes me feels super-fresh after the workout. Then reading one chapter of a book while allowing my body to rest. Using this method of one chapter per day, I have finished two books and am onto my third right now. This routine makes my day feel very productive, energetic and enthusiastic.
Hannah S Kim
Ooh if you are curious about other people's morning routines, I would highly recommend this product: Hope this helps!