How long did it take to get your first 1000 active users ?

Hi Hunters, It took me 3 month on my first project. We're on the way for Misakey.. Maybe today 🤞 I was wondering what was you go to 1000 experience. And what channel/strategy did you use? Cheers, Arthur
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Would be awesome to have some info about your product too
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It goes without saying, it took a lot of sweat equity. 1. Community: I had built and nurtured a community before I had the idea. 2. Partnership Plan: I created a partnership plan that benefited both partners and their audiences. Some things were as simple as linking to each other in newsletters and social media, commenting on blog posts, LinkedIn - anywhere my audience hung out (I identified about a dozen sources), interviews (podcasts/webinars). I made a goal of at least one new partnership a day for 30 days. Just one collaboration a day significantly boosted my email list. 3. Great product: helps tremendously to have a product/service that was desirable - that was developed by listening to the community I created. I've repeated this for several different start-ups in e-commerce, Saas, and productized services.
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@billflitter Thanks for the feedback... How long does it take to go from a community of friendly early users giving feedbacks to new users really linking a product ?
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@arthur_blanchon The first wave of people - your direct community buys your product because they are familiar with you and you built trust with them over time. The second wave buys because they were influenced by the first wave of people. As you move further outside your core community, trust goes down and skepticism goes up. That third wave of people at scale take a lot of more energy. To answer you directly, it took two years to scale.
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@billflitter Thx, it's comforting in a way :)
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@arthur_blanchon When I say two years, I mean real metrics - people who didn't churn - true loyal customers/repeat buyers.
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It took one month to get 1000 user on my site:
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Reminded me of this recent email from Lenny
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for me when I was doing work as a SEO executive. it took nearly 3 months to get 1000 users.
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