Hey Everyone! Super Excited to Be Here!

Michael Westbrooks II
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Ever realized how easy it is to share your location with a relative, friend, or colleague via text? Simply paste the address into the chat, text it, and then it is easy to navigate to in one click. Imagine having the power to do the same while sharing your calendar, and creating or sending meeting invites. Simply create the invite, send the text, and then it’s immediately added to both parties calendars. That is why I created Rooted! It is a mobile application where users can create, manage, and share events and calendars through text. This week we woke up to Rooted being number 6 on the top apps chart for productivity, right under Amazon and Dropbox! Not only are you guys downloading it but you are seriously incorporating it into your personal and professional strategies at building more efficient lifestyles! I look forward to your continued support and I welcome the constructive feedback; share your stories with us! Head on over to our product page to lock in with us!
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