What app do you use to chat and call?

Abrar Fairuj
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Have you checked the last option yet? https://youtu.be/rFlvK9_qp40


Fabien Fournier
Hi, just saw that you are the maker of Bubblink :) I would really like to test the application but I am on iOS, is an iOS version planned? In the meantime, I am very happy to see that more and more people are interested in privacy and safety! We'll launch tomorrow a web application to share documents and messages between professionals. I would really like to have your feedback on our app if you are interested! :)
Abrar Fairuj
@fabien_fournier1 Sure, Which app? Can you share the name please? The IOS version is not still built, hope to release soon
Fabien Fournier
@lishup Yeah, our app is named Misakey. Don't hesitate to contact me when the iOS is released, I would be glad to try it :).
hah ,why no wehcat
Umair Hashmi
@lishup Great work. Everyone needs privacy. So, how would you compete with big giants? I know you have a great USP but you need to have a good marketing strategy as well.
Mesin UMA
I think whatsapp is very good and user friendly
Signal because privacy and security
Codo logix
Whatsapp is the good SMS and calling app but sometimes you don't want to reply SMS so we have developed an app that can help you to read unseen SMS. https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Making a new fun vchat - www.park.io wondering if anyone cares to give feedback here
Adriel Cruz
For work we use Skype, Slack, Google Meet For casual talk I use Discord, Messenger