What do you think about this Amazon seller tool.

Abinash Behera
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Hello Hunters and makers. A quick question. I just saw a featured post on product Hunt today about the Amazon seller tool named Salesla. What do you guys think about this tool ? I m an online seller selling on amazon and from my own Shopify store. Can you guys share some feedback about the tool or anyone who used this type of tool before? Do let me know. here is the post link - https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Prerna Shukla
Used this kind of Amazon tool earlier. They helped me send automated emails to my buyers.
Amrit Aaryan
Is it like a email campaign tool for amazon seller? Saw them in Amazo app store
What about flipkart ?
michael clark
Hello, Abinash Behera as you need to talk about Salesla tool that seems to be good for selling stuff on Amazon. Just read this and from here you will be able to find out much more now. With the help of this tool users can grow their product reviews and seller feedback. The tool allows you to check keywords indexed with your item on Amazon & also track your stuff's position and ranking based on that keyword. It is one of the best option to go for an Amazon domains. You are also permitted to track your keywords along every ASIN and get an alert along any rank changes on Salesla Dashboard. Just optimise your listing with tracking an 'n' number of keywords and get this keywords indexed with your items on Amazon. Anythign that you need to sell through Amazon can be sent through the help of this device.
Moore Stafiej
I am not an amazon salesman and have not used the instrument, but I have heard a small opinion about the new instrument. About a week ago, I picked up a multicolored car light from this store, https://www.amazon.com/car-light..., and in the process of talking to the salesman, we touched on this topic as well. He was always an opponent of something new in the marketplace. After all, you have to retrain to run a business, which is not so easy. Moreover, the man was already over 40. All in all, the tool was uncomfortable, strange, and all in that vein.