There is something wrong with the internet but it's not what you think

Mirko Maccarrone
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Ask yourself... Why does the Internet have a photographic memory for ad clicks and amnesia for what we actually care about❓❓❓ Here's my personal experience... Before COVID, I used to book a lot of flights, and I always sort the result by the duration, yet not once has any travel website stored my preference (NEVER). Meanwhile, I accidentally (I swear) clicked on a Hello Kitty link months ago, and I am still being hunted down from the cute-kitten everywhere I go on the internet 😭 Wouldn't be nice if the internet and all these fancy algorithms would help to optimise our lives serving us with the things that we need instead of the things that are useless to us? Thoughts ❓❓❓


Walter Wilson
Some how I can uderstand what you mean but commenting on a solution, well thats to advanced for me to comment on.
Samantha Merlivat
I think the problem with that is that companies like Google and FB would need to know so much more about us in order to deliver that kind of promise (because let's face it, when we say "the internet" in this context, we're talking about 3 or 4 companies). So the question probably is, how much more do you want them to know about you?
Mirko Maccarrone
@samanthamerlivat Hi Samantha, a very good point here! Honestly, I think they already know way too much, the problem that I am seeing is that they are using these data at their advantage rather than the user's advantage. Thoughts?
Kayla Willsey
Okay, not gonna lie, but you made me laugh with this one!XD I think that the internet overall sees more value in specific products, versus habits. It is a lot easier to control the flow of information of products than to track how some use that same flow of information. My question for you, though, is: Do we want to relinquish the privacy in terms of how we think, instead of just things we click on?
Mirko Maccarrone
@kayla_willsey I am still being hunted by Hello Kitty wherever I go! (HELP- lol)) I think personalised AI will help to facilitate the hyper-targeting, however, when it comes to privacy unless we don't have an online presence, I don't think there is a thing such as privacy anymore (Thoughts?)...These companies can create a hyper-target solution but rather than benefitting the user, they are mostly the ones benefitting from it
Kayla Willsey
@mirko_maccarrone Hunted by Hello Kitty?? Ahahaha!XD I mean, even if we don't have an online presence, I think the idea of privacy is diminishing. Technology has just advanced so quickly that I think we haven't noticed the extent of the information we've given away. That being said, the convenience has been great, even if we've become the products. I think there will come a time when there will be more regulations on what companies can/ can't access. I have a feeling that we are close to hitting reset on society, kind of like the Renaissance. The gap between high end corporations and the bottom line is getting too great, unsustainable, and I am just interested to see what all comes from this, you know? I don't know if that quite answered your question, but have you already drawn a line in what is acceptable for yourself? Will you use Siri (or similar), but not Alexa?