What would be your advice to yourself 48 hours ago?

Zachary Green
20 replies
Don’t overthink it.


Wilson Bright
heads down and start to work again.
Olga Trykush
Do not expect too much
Aaron O'Leary
dont drink 4 coffees in the space of an hour
Calum Webb
Buy more milk 🙃
Helen Hoile
Just go for it. What's the worst that can happen, just an ego bruising. Think instead, what's the best that can happen...
Lieven Gekiere
do not wait for iOS14
Kayla Willsey
If you don't plan to do anything, you know you will get nothing done!:P
Catherine Chen
Stop stressing out about exams. You can do this.
Don’t think about it for 48 hours
confirm and clarify details of a scheduled event
Sharon Cohen
don't waste so much time being a perfectionist! just start already! (I tell myself that every day and we see how it ends every single time)
Benjamin Powell
Order the shopping delivery now, so you don't have to think too hard about kids lunches on the weekend.
pmanteiga Mantrhax
Dont use an axe next few days
Jane House
Open your eyes, the devil is in the details
Bill Flitter
Enjoy every minute - the people around you, your work because life can change in a split second.