8 Truth Bombs of launching a product on PH. READ THIS!

Siddhesh Lokare
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A month ago, we launched Wylo on product hunt and we ended up securing the 9th position. The competition was fierce and we learned a multitude of things in just 24 hours. But trust me, if you are planning to launch your product successfully, you need to know the TRUTH. This long-form piece covers all the raw and true aspects of pre, during, and post-launch stages. Do react if you find this valuable and share it with your community✨ https://hackernoon.com/8-truth-b...


Devanand Premkumar
Super useful and new insights shared with a good and clean explanation of your experience make these truth bombs - a wise collection of gems in my humble opinion.
Thanks for this - super helpful and gave me a bunch of ideas!
Derek Duban
I think has convinced me to sign up for Ship.
robiul haque
very useful for our team work. thanks for sharing with us.