Building a travel platform for Pakistan: what do you suggest I improve?

Hamza Ahmad
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I am making a travel platform for my country to help people easily explore and discover new places. Get detailed info and have an engaging community. Our site is Please share your suggestions on what we can do to make it better and what else should we add.


@hamza_ahmad How about including information about how to book the trips e.g. provide service providers information... you could also suggest information around pricing e.g. how much to budget to complete the trip. What do you think?
Alexandru Bucur
@hamza_ahmad a few things. 1. It seems that HTTPS isn't 100% working. 2. Add a nearest airport :)
Linda Holliday
@hamza_ahmad Look at this-- I love Pakistan, except maybe the cricket team.
@hamza_ahmad First of all, great start! Love the 'Area Info' section for the destinations. 1. How about integrating Google Maps or any other robust map into the website for checking travel routes? 2. Visa information for foreigners and how to obtain visa - as an Indian, I always find this a stumbling block while travelling to most countries 3. For the Forums section, maybe you could organise in a more scalable way. For now, it is not very difficult to navigate with few discussion threads going on. But as the number of discussions increase, it may be difficult to navigate through the forum. For example, a search bar for the forum would be useful. Secondly, for duplicate forum discussions (about the same topics) is there a way you can have prompts to guide users to continue on an existing thread rather than start a new discussion? All the best! :)
Hamza Ahmad
@k_j1 Thanks for detailed review and suggestions. 1. Maps are already there. 2. Yeah, we are working on it. 3. This is good idea. I will see how we can implement this. Can you guide me little more how forum should look like. Thank you
@hamza_ahmad Few things I noticed: 1. the photo of Astore, Gilgit in the carousel seems low-quality. 2. In the footer, you have a typo. It's all rights reserved. You missed an S. 3. I'm not a native English speaker but the description above the search field (Find your Dream places that you will love visiting) seems a bit redundant. I would change it in something like "Find your dream destinations" or "Find the places that you dream of visiting". Good luck for your project :D
Hamza Ahmad
@luqa Thanks for your suggestions. 1. Yeah, this is just dummy data. We are working on it. 2. Okay, I will fix that. 2. Okay, thanks. I know its not right and I will fix it too. Thanks for taking time. Can you suggest something else we should do that will be good, related to Travel.
@hamza_ahmad nice website but need some more information about the local suppliers (restaurants, hotels, guesthouses...). Maybe also FAQ section? the most asked questions and answers.
Mark Lense
I liked your site and it seems to me that it could be supplemented with interesting features that could make it easier to find various things to travel. It can often be quite time consuming to plan a long trip and I recently read the reviews at where many people wrote about a similar problem. Some services provide quality assistance in finding cheap air tickets or help you plan the most optimal route.
Alex jati
Wow, sounds like an amazing project! As a fellow traveler and adventurer, I think it's great that you're creating a platform to help people discover the beauty and wonders of Pakistan. I love the idea of a community-driven travel website that provides detailed information and encourages engagement among users. In terms of suggestions for improvement, it might be helpful to add more visual content such as photos and videos to showcase the different destinations and activities available in Pakistan. Additionally, you could consider adding a feature that allows users to create and share their own travel itineraries or trip reports. This would not only provide valuable information for other travelers but also foster a sense of community and shared experience. Overall, I think you're off to a fantastic start with, and I look forward to seeing how it grows and evolves in the future. Best of luck with your project!
Sonia Sabir
Your platform is promising! Enhance user engagement with interactive features like user-generated content and live chats. Consider integrating AwazePakistan for comprehensive insights into Pakistan's diverse attractions and culture.