How do you find ideas for your project?

Tejas Rane
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I came across from @levelsio. It is pretty good. I know we should solve the problems that we face ourselves first. Apart from that, where do you get inspiration for new ideas?


Meetings. I hate, strong word, meetings so have turned them into research sessions. I note down any frustrations anyone has sand see if that could become something. Also, I try to remove monotony from what has to be done in my business and build an automation or simpler step which then inspires more ideas Look at reviews of products - see if they mention what’s missing Product hunt is good for that
Hannah S Kim
I think Reddit is a great place to look to for inspirations, since you can explore a specific topic by finding a subreddit and read what thoughts/opinions/issues people have!
Utsav Patel
I am subscribed to to get micro SaaS ideas.
Harri Arain
in our experience the data direct from chat, the honest feedback from people with real experiences.
Stephane Ibos
Listen to your own pain points. Listen to the ones of people you trust in their trade/life and to pain points presented by influencers/leaders. Most importantly - dig into what you have a passion for. If it's cakes, then dig as far as you can in that industry, and everything related to it. To build a great business you will need first and foremost an absolute passion for what you are offering. Finding ideas is not that hard. Finding an idea that you feel so strong about that you are ready to move mountains to make it a reality is harder. Having enough passion to push through all the challenges that you will face is paramount. Good luck ;)