😑 What are your biggest frustrations with the analytics solution you’re currently using? πŸ“Š

Enzo Avigo
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I cannot implement tracking events without an engineer
We sometime forget to implement tracking events
It's hard to tell which event is triggered, and from where
It's hard to understand other teams tracking events
It's hard to find which tables contains which events
Extracting data with SQL is too time consuming
Building dashboards that answer my questions is complex


Founder of Tetriz.io
I think it is important for analytics tool to offer the possibility to setup analysis a posteriori. Forget to implement some event tracking or to setup some funnel is quite common mistake. Unfortunately google analytics doesn't offer much option to make analysis retroactively (beside the the users segments). It is nice to have a tool like Amplitude or Mixpanel to analyse funnel a posteriori. Smartlook is also interesting as you can setup event tracking a posteriori based on the user recording.