Is PH a good place to share Open Source projects?

John Yeung
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There are a few projects I have worked on that I would like to open source. On Product Hunt I'm not seeing many open source projects. Is this not the right community for that? Any pointers would be appreciated.


Seterek Lakshit
I've been thinking about this too. Building audience is tough too
Vikulya Tarasova
I'm also interested to know the answer, very good question, thank you
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I think open source or not does not matter as much as "does it add value or not". My product (1) is open source (2) and I have been a community member here for many months now, have received good feedback and just peer-talk. I have not launched on PH but I am planning on doing it soon. It may take multiple launches to get a lot of attention but that has nothing to do with open source. Links: Product - Source - Thanks