Announcing Dappity's Top Ten Blockstack Apps

Juliet Oberding
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In honor of Data Privacy week, Dappity has selected it’s top ten Blockstack apps. One word describes the development teams behind each of these apps: Hustle. Please take a look at all of the apps and provide feedback to the developers. You can find all of the top ten apps and many more at These are the top ten Blockstack apps for January 2020: Runkod (Developer Tools) decentralized web hosting. BlockSurvey (Business Tools) Privacy-focused Surveys, Polls & Forms. Solved!Online (Games) A jigsaw puzzle solving adventure! Mumble (Chat) Text and voice chat for passionate communities. Mindtalk (Health) A private diary for mental health. BeeHive (Utilities) Smart, secure and private image storage. Paras (Social Networking) Your Decentralized Personal Website. Envelop (Utilities) Share private files easily. Predicto (Games) Make predictions about future events to earn money. OI App Center (Utilities) App Review done right! Own your content.
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