Does anyone have detailed post launch activities to get to 100 users?

Zolani Matebese
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Hi guys, Working on improving my marketing plan and wondering if anyone has a detailed repeatable process to get to 100 users that they are comfortable sharing. I'm not talking about create an audience, go where users are, get seen, do seo generalities. I mean a real business process that runs from launch to X users. I've added my activity list relating to Launch and first 100. There are other actione relation to SEO & Conversion audits and SM ads but this is the meat. Best. Z


Muntasir Rashid
If you are talking about your product Restorify, then I would suggest appstore optimisation. Shopify app store optimisation for keyword is super easy - put it into title, sub headline, key benefit areas and 5%-10% density in app description and you will easily rank within top 6 positions. Identify 5-10 keywords and rotate them 1 keyword per week and your app will grow 1-10 installs per day. I have done this for more than 25 apps and worked everytime. This single method alone helped me build and sell 2 shopify app companies in last 4 years ;) Try it & good luck
Valerie Fenske
hugely depends on what you launch.