How do you think technology will shape our beautiful planet in the next 5 years?

Mirko Maccarrone
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From Nanotechnology to Quantum Computing to Hundreds of startups going to space... Already read all the articles out there πŸ˜‚ I'd love to hear from the awesome PH community πŸ™Œ


Harri Arain
Technology can be hazardous and as well as blessing for the planet, with remote working enabled and the world moving indoors one can expect a slightly better impact on the planet and reduced carbon emission maybe will help us better the environment of the world owing the climate change the technology can help save the palnet and make it a better place than it ever was
Alex Gorman
Its an interesting topic. Tech through history has always been used as a means of taming or bending nature to our will. Now imagine if tech could could remove us from the equation. In such a way that we no longer interfere with nature. Nature could then be free to return (where possible) to a state of balance without us. I feel that this should be our drive technologically. To be honest I am not sure how that would look but surely that must be the next logical step, aside from leaving the planet entirely. Thoughts?
Mirko Maccarrone
@alex_gorman I love the concept of no longer interfering with nature. I also love the concept of indoor gardening and using technology to promote it. My favourite example is probably RotoFarm - Thoughts?
Alex Gorman
@mirko_maccarrone How have I not seen this before. It feels like the end of scene of Interstellar. Realistically office space world-wide is being left unused, imagine if they did this rotofarm on a grander scale in the skyscrapers. No more land use, food supplies available year round and real estate usage for those owning the buildings. It would be upcycling a city.
Mirko Maccarrone
@alex_gorman OH! I love the idea so much! We should start thinking about how to make it happen :) after all, the People Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World Are the Ones Who Do.
Alex Gorman
@mirko_maccarrone hey! PM me and let’s get this going, it’s about time we started taking the world in our own hands
Mirko Maccarrone
@alex_gorman Love the enthusiasm! What's the best way to get in touch?
I just wanted to say some optimistic things, because in general I'm optimistic, talking about drone-based tree-planting programs, asteroid mining, carbon air-capturing. But after a quick research for this answer I read about the burst of the asteroid mining bubble in a MIT-blog ( and then I remembered how startup propaganda works normally and then I saw that you used some words in your description sounding very promising - but not within a 5 years horizon - 25 years would be better for optimistic realism. Within 5 years I see more destruction than healing for earth. I'm so sad to say this. Can you tell me some good news...?
Mirko Maccarrone
@timz_flowers That was a very interesting article Sam, thank you for sharing! I do agree with you the next 5 years will be quite rough, however, I am hopeful about using tech for good especially when it comes to promoting indoor and ethical gardening. This is an example that I share with Alex above -
Valerie Fenske
Oh I will now imagine I have to write an essay at school! But this time I'm going to make it shorter than I used to (7 pages were not the limit, you know) I DO hope the technology will make our world minimalistic - but full of grass, trees and flowers. I hope people will reconsider the consuming habits and reunite with the nature. The role of the technology here is to help people achieve the balance. That's my dream!
Mirko Maccarrone
@valeryfenskaya This is such a beautiful vision... The kind of vision you see in some dystopian movies with the difference that in those, AI and Robots wants to kill you (LOL)
Gilad Uziely
Good question! One good thing I can say is that with more environmental data being collected, more people have access to the data and our data processing capabilities are becoming stronger we are now close to help more people understand the footprint/damage we are creating. I believe that knowing is one step before understanding there's a problem with what we are doing and, hopefully, after that we will acknowledge and maybe act to make things better. Don't forget to recycle! ;-)
Mirko Maccarrone
@gilad_uziely Beautifully said Gilad! I also think that as we are inventing new effortless ways to recycle, more people will be prompted to take actions especially in underdeveloped countries.
Seterek Lakshit
very good question, perhaps i think what is best is we focus on the pandemic first
Pieter Limburg
Technology will be game-changing for all of us in the next five years as we have already started using AI and ML applications in our daily life. We will be witnessing some huge changes in many of the industries where humans will be replaced by robots with complete automation. And even though NFC technology has been around for a long time, we are seeing a tipping point. From now on it has become easier to exchange data between devices with just a touch and soon digital business cards will eliminate the old-fashioned paper business card. The world is shifting faster than ever and technology will present us with opportunities and threats we could have never imagined. Personally, I can't wait to see how humans and technology will integrate even further.