Does launching any type of tech product on PH make sense or only some specific types?

Anamika Chaudhary
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Hi Makers! This is a question to makers who have launched on PH. I am new to the platform and still learning about it. Does launching products which are B2B or help in some way in solving app/website development, management, growth etc. or just work/productivity related only, make sense to be launched here? It's understandable because the population here is makers and that's what they will be interested in the most. I am asking this because, we're creating Blend - an app for playing board games inside a group chat. We are planning to launch on PH but knowing this, we at least would know from before what to expect. The above question came up just on the basis of my observations from the short duration I have been here, please let me know your thoughts.


Alex Papageorge
Good question. Personally, I believe there are types of products are better suited for PH than others, but that can be said about any channel. I don't think the success of your product/biz is contingent/correlated with your success on PH, but I think it provides a good pulse and an honest (/encouraging) platform to test your product/ideas. I wouldn't take it as your end all tell all, even if your product is perfect for the PH community though either.
Gilad Uziely
Hey :) I agree with everything @alex_papageorge wrote above and will add that from your description it sounds that product hunt will be perfect for Blend. Early adopter geeks (usually) love board games :-)
Sere P
Thanks for asking this question Anamika! I've some concerns myself on posting about the launch of my product on PH because it seems like it may not spark interest in this community. We are working on doing it no matters what, however my expectations are pretty low in terms of engagement.
Mr Ethar Alali
@sere_p I have ditto this. It's not that PH has no use, but all launches have to be considered a package of activity that cuts across internet, traditional media, real life meets, advertising, social and other channels too.
Sere P
@ethar_alali Totally makes sense, thanks for sharing your perspective here. Since everybody talks about how important is to launch on PH, of course expectations are high for the team, and I totally agree tat there's a number of channels to use to be successful.
Sere P
Thanks for acknowledging my message @anamika_chaudhary2 - I agree on the support piece and how we can be here for each other. We are building a b2c platform for customers to find, book, and pay vendors for any kind of service for their parties and events, based on the area they live in, the budget, and the availability. A one-stop shop for event planning for individuals. Hope this helps :)
Valerie Fenske
Hi Anamika, I am sure you should launch the game on PH. Many people are searching for the ways to unite teams while staying apart due to covid. What are your doubts?