How much and why do you miss in-person events and parties?

Sere P
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Hi all, one of the things we are asked to do during Covid time is to give up in-person events and parties. As much as we may like virtual events, I personally used to go to 8-10 events/parties (for fun, work, business) a month and used to organize many per year as well. We started working on our business idea before Shelter-in-place and lock down, trying to solve a problem existing for many (especially parents and busy professionals). In this time, we have been working on our idea sticking to the initial plan, with some small pivots that will help address customers' needs for the time being. What's your experience there and how are you coping with this change? We would love to hear your experiences! Thank y'all!


@sere_p I used to love going to meetups and small group events to strike up conversations with random people. I also find it easier to engage with people that ways. It's hard to meet interesting people virtually without a specific purpose in mind IMO. Something like @getcuppaio for serendipitous conversations. But if you have a plan/ audience/ target in mind, meeting virtually is awesome.
Charlie Peck
@sere_p @getcuppaio @ankuragarwal2 - I'm currently working on an app that helps you find the people that are most similar to you, based on interests, beliefs, hometown, school, and a variety of other filters, all by answering polls. Would this be something of interest to you? Hope you're doing well.
Sere P
@charlie_peck1 Sounds interesting to me! While my business is more on the b2c space, with customers connected directly to vendors, I'd like to learn how people will use the polls!
Monna Lissa Raja
I am not very social but I do like seeing my co-workers on a daily (work-day) basis. I definitely miss having lunch with them. One thing I noticed has increased since quarantine is the amount of chats and personal 1-on-1 calls I had with my individual team mates. I also make sure to liven up our stand ups/meetings occasionally. There was one time I just played the guitar and sang my 2 minute update and that got them laughing. It was really difficult the first few weeks, but it just became easier along the way.
Sere P
@monnalissaraja Totally with you! I am on the same boat, missing my co-workers and in-person interactions.
Charlie Peck
I am both an introvert and extrovert, but I did enjoy going out to bars with friends on the weekends. The virtual happy hours don't quite cut it, but I sure am saving money from my bar tab.
Sere P
@charlie_peck1 Oh, same here. I am introvert extrovert, if that makes sense. It takes a bit before I warm up in conversations and relationships, but then I can go easy for hours. Yeah, I have mixed feelings abt virtual HH, I get distracted way too soon with other things happening in the house/in my laptop.
Valerie Fenske
actually, I don't miss a lot of people around me at all the answer is simple: I am an introverted person who has plenty of energy and resources inside. however, there's one thing I noticed: the quality of my communication with friends and the family improved greatly during the lockdown.