What are some good conversational chatbot's you've come across?

Zeeshan M
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With all the hype towards chatbots, I still haven't come across a chatbot I can say was really useful to me or was really fun to use. PS: I don't consider the "type 1 for x, type 2 for y" bots as conversational bots Have you come across any truly conversational chatbots that you really enjoyed engaging with? What was your experience like? Discussion on twitter: https://twitter.com/codezed_/sta...


I have had some which were nice enough to engage with for ≤3 replies/queries, but further troubleshooting or inquiries always necessitated communicating with a real person.
Jesse Jensen
I never liked them. I always prefer human interaction. Unless it's a smart AI on display at a store.
Elliott Staffer
HubSpot and Tidio are the best I've seen. You can create great conversational chat flows. Tidio is actually nicer imo, but it's much more expensive. HubSpot is uncapped, while Tidio is rate limited. I started with Tidio, but ended up switching to HubSpot (part of Sales Pro package) due to cost.