What are the best ways to monetize a web based service that is free, other than ads?

Osm Chm
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Launching soon a Web based service and we are looking for multiple ways to monetize our service without creating a pay to use service or an Ad based one ... so any creative / new ideas might help.


Subash Gautam
Sell product or service on subscription basis.
Caroline Chiari
You can: - Sell Enterprise dedicated instances - Sell microtransactions and subscriptions (charge for certain features or transactions) - Sell services around your platform - Sell user data (not their contact info or anything identifiable, unless it's the type of business you want to do) - Ask for donations - Sponsored content - Affiliate links, so you don't "advertise", you "refer" - Set a limit on the free tier, a limit at which you feel uncomfortable losing money - Do consulting using your platform to perform your work
Caleb Skinner
I'd think about using the service you have created to prove that you can perform a task and then sell that task. I'm guessing that is what @caroline_chiari1 is referring to. It is a similar approach that home builders use for model homes.
Alparslan Kapani
Give it free then charge for integration, setup, maintenance or extra requests, premiere support and such...
Krishnan Raghupathi
How about partnering to bundle the service with a complementary item that's of value and charging the bundle owner (i.e. licensing your service with a bundle). Worked for Microsoft :)